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as romney was building strength in the other night's debate. i saw s&p futures, spx, moving higher about six points, so there's a definite correlation. > > we talked about intrade last week and how obama was overbought and it was time to buy romney, so i'm using this as a point to sell romney, make some profits. but, you're going to credit this jump because of the debate. that's ridiculous. what about the first 6000 points that got the s&p up to four-year highs? that didn't have anything to do with it? > > i'm not going to take that away from obama- hold on a second. the point is, i think obama was completely factored in. i think romney didn't even have a chance of winning up until last night, and i think the market realized- > > yes it did bounce back. > > round 2: the gas stunt? there's a political ploy right now of selling gas at $1.84, around the price when the president took office. of course, americans for property is backing this. they're pitching in a couple of dollars so americans can get cheaper gas. do we want gas to go back to those levels? > > absolutely positively not. anybody
romney debated foreign and domestic policies, this time in a townhall format with un-decided voters. "we have not made the progress we need to make to people back to work. that's why i put out a 5-point plan that gets americans 12 million new jobs in 4 years and rising take home pay." "gov romney says he has a 5- point plan. gov romney has a 1 point plan and that plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules." "any investments i've made have been in a blind trust. and i understand they do include investmnents outside the united states and in chinese companies. mr. president have you looked at your pension? have you looked at your pension? mr. president have you looked at your pension? "you know i don't look at my pension, it's not as big as yours...it doesn't take as long...i don't check it that often." "look at your pension. you also have investments in chinese companies." the next debate happens next monday night in florida. the topic will be foreign policy. money talks in this election. matt nesto of yahoo finance is here via skype. good morning. ple
about enterprising. within minutes of mitt romney's controversial comment that he had hired "binders full of women" in tuesday's presidential debates, content flooded the internet. binders- full-of-women became a trending topic on twitter, a facebook page appeared with more than 200,000 "likes," and the phrase became the third-most searched item on google. one woman grabbed the tumblr name "binders full of women" and had a following of thousands within a half an hour. still to come, a movie that proves you can make a killer hit by spending very little. that's later in movies and money. but first, why a chinese business is thriving in greece. we'll hear from a reporter who is on the frontlines, next. european leaders left athens on good terms yesterday before heading into a critical meeting today about greece. members of the so-called troika report the cash-strapped country is making progress toward obtaining another bailout. greek officials say they will run out of money next month without more aid. the troika, made up of officials from the imf, european commission and european cent
obama and mitt romney head to the podium in denver tonight for round one of the debates. expect plenty of heated conversation on the economy. out of six 15-minute segments, 3 will focus on the nation's finances. the economy remains a top issue for voters. and many americans are anticipating a victory from the president. pew research reports 51% of voters say they think obama will win in tonight's broadcast. an analyst with the sunlight foundation tells first business that the pressure is on for the romney campaign. "in the polls it looks like romney is falling behind and falling further behind in the battleground states. although nationally it's a very close election, he's been hammered in the battleground states. the debates can be a great equalizer for him, but also that increases the pressure on him, whereas i think we are going to see barack obama playing a lot more defense." that was bill allison of the sunlight foundation. at long last, a wall street firm is being sued for fraud in connection with the housing crash. the suit was filed monday by the new york attorney general. the
business. gov romney's central economic plan calls for a 5 billion dollar tax cut, on top of the extension of the bush tax cuts-- that's another trillion dollars and 2 trillion dollars in military spending that the military hasn;t asked for. that's 8 trillion dollars. how we pay for that, reduce the deficit, make the investments we need to make without dumping those costs on the middle class americans is one of the central questions of this campaign. president barack obama and former governor mitt romney adapted to the new format of debate, six segments of 15 minutes each. the next presidential debate is october 16th. mr. romney is expected to hit the airwaves today with a barage of tv ads. according to the new york times, the romney camp has been quietly increasing its ad spend, and could shell out up to $13 million in commericials in swing states. meanwhile, president obama is outpacing mr. romney with tv ads. the times reports it's especially noticeable in flordia, where pro-obama ads outnumber pro-romney ads by nearly 50%. the obama camp is also strategically spending large amounts o
may be headed toward a criminal investigation. some of the coal miners who stood with mitt romney at an ohio rally in august told a radio talk show that they were forced to do so without pay and feared being fired if they didn't attend. "i don't think it's right. it's unethical and immoral." "i think that congress needs to do something about it. rules need to change." the employer, murray energy corporation, denies the allegations and says, "there will be additional layoffs, not only at murray energy, but also throughout the united states coal industry due to mr. obama's 'war on coal' and the destruction that it has caused to so many jobs and families in the ohio valley area and elsewhere." "i think it's the 'wild wild west.' restrictions are needed on those with so much money and so much political power." allegations against murray energy sparked a federal elections commission complaint and a call for the u.s. attorney in northern ohio to investigate. these are hardly the only allegations of political pressure employers are applying in the workplace. two weeks ago, employees of k
for mitt romney, and expressed concern that two h.i.g. directors attended the fundraiser in which romney made the "47% of americans" statement that went viral. "the importance of the appearance of integrity supercedes their right to make political contributions. if they want to contribute, they shouldn't be in the voting machine business." in addition, out of hart intercivic's five board members, ungar says two of them made direct contributions to the romney campaign, and one a smaller amount to the obama campaign. "there are many places where the electorate is being re- shaped and the major media hasn't picked up on this. i think it could have a dramatic effect in this election." the hamilton county board of elections deputy director knows of no violation or a confict of interest, and downplayed tampering suspicions, saying, "we purchased the hart intercivic equipment in 2005. we own the machines and the software. our own staff do both programming and vote tabulation. the only contact we have with hart intercivic is a maintenance agreement." there are also allegations that the investmen
there to own, like goldman, like bank of america. but again, a romney victory would spell probably a better future for bank of america right here. i kind of agree with alan, i think there is some upside to the company- > > the stock has- > > but more so if romney is elected. > > the stock has come up how many hundred percent, so i wouldn't say the last president held them down. but you can look at it as an option that never expires. it's a single-digit stock, and you can buy the shares and forget about them, and think about it as an option that never expires. > > i'll have to think about it for a while. > > round no. 3: canadian contraband cheese. now cheese, apparently, is a hot commodity in canada, and it costs a lot of money. so people are smuggling it over the border because of loonie power. > > the canadians are doing something right, or obviously we in america are doing something wrong. the canadian dollar has been screaming against the u.s. dollar for the past year, it's looking strong. unfortunately this is one of the outcomes. there are other actual things taking place within commo
- dollar donation to the romney pac, restore our future - and i looked into it, by a company called f8 llc. > > what's that? > > i tried to look up, they have sales of $8,000 a year, which meant that their $1 million donation was pretty generous. also, the principal, a guy named diego, seems to exist only in a video game, "grand theft auto." he's an assassin. but under citizens united, too bad. > > you don't need to know who is the name behind the money. you say you're non-partisan, but you clearly accuse the supporters of and the operatives within the republican party of really the key players in this game. > > well, right now 37 billionaires are behind romney. but if you look in the book, i do a story about someone in chicago named penny pritzker, penny from heaven, who was fined $400 million by the federal government for rampaging through the south side of chicago with predatory loan practices. they closed her bank superior. if it wasn't for that rogue banker, barak obama would still be in that swamp called the illinois state senate. > > you also talk about bill clinton. he had dealings
to go from there. > > and they're more inclined to want mitt romney, because they feel he's a better friend to small businesses. > > the survey results from what our customers had to say was that over 60% of them would vote for governor romney as opposed to only around 30, 32% that would vote for president obama. > > what about contractors? you're finding that as full- time employees are dropping, those numbers are dropping, that in fact 1099 people, the contractors, are increasing. > > right, certainly some of what we're seeing, if there are jobs that are being added, or at least keeping us from dropping further, is that we're seeing more independent contractors added as opposed to full-time workers. that creates a challenge for people, because you don't have the comfort of a long-term, stable job. you don't often have the health insurance. you have to pay in for your own social security benefits. it's more challenging for the work force. > > what is the one thing that small businesses would like to see - outside of a new president - to really give them the kickstart they're waiting
contender mitt romney go toe-to-toe over foriegn policy. swiss voters plan to cast ballots on whether millionaires and billionaires from other countries should continue to get tax breaks while living there. and starbucks will open 2 more coffee shops in india this week, after opening its first shop last friday. what will today bring? everybody wants to know the answer to that question. ben lichtenstein of tradersaudio.com joins us on this monday morning. what a sell-off on friday, ben. what are you watching technically here to tell you whether this is a buying point or a selling point? > > i'm keeping an eye on this big level of support right now in the s&p. last week we had a low in the overnight session, headed into the morning session down below that key level of support, which we've seen hold multiple times in day-session trade - we're talking 1425. but that overnight session low that we saw was 1416. now, we did see high-energy trade to the downside on friday, a continuation of the weakness that we have basically been seeing all week last week. but still unable to breach that ma
can choose from a "romney" red cup or an "obama" blue cup. meanwhile, cabbage patch will release a line of dolls that resemble the candidates up for auction on ebay. and, pizza hut is offering free pizza for life to whomever asks the candidates if they prefer sausage or pepperoni at a town hall debate next week. still to come, with the country at a crossroads over labor unions, a new film gives us a closer look at the issues in america's heartland. but first, startups are the key to the u.s. economy, but are they faring well? that's next. o' a nationwide effort to help startup companies grow, called "startup america," brought more than a hundred entrepreneurial leaders to chicago this week. as our cover story explains, one of the things a lot of startups have in common these days is their willingness to collaborate. on the 12th floor of chicago's merchandise mart, the people behind 185 digital- and technology-enabled startups have plugged in their laptops and are sharing stories of what works and what doesn't. a wall- sized chalkboard lists workshops in this collaborative workspa
around. there's also a lot of concern about some of the defense sectors, because the romney administration is looking to really boost into that. so you could see a bit of movement in there as well. > > thank you phillip, have a good one. > > thank you. the average price of a gallon of gas nudged lower by a half-cent in california. that may not be much, but after 11 straight days of increases, analysts say it's a start. the spike came when california refineries were winding down production of one blend while a fire and power outages disrupted the supply even more so. as the gasoline supply in california, in which prices jumped to more than $5 a gallon, eased a bit, chevron said its third quarter revenues would be "substantially lower" than predicted. the result of a fire at a chevron refinery; hurricane isaac, which disrupted production in the gulf of mexico; and other reasons - collectively short-term setbacks, according to energy trader phil flynn. "a lot of those situations are going to level out. long-term profitability will increase in the coming months." the situation i
situation. 29% of americans said their financial situation would be better under obama, 20% said romney. but there was still a large proportion of americans that say maybe it doesn't make a difference. > > this was a large change from the last time you were on, and this poll was actually taken after the presidential debate. why do you think there was such a wide swing? > > you know, we've had a couple of months now for people to watch debates like you said, they've been watching a lot of advertising, they've been reading a lot about the election, and we've also had some big changes in terms of job numbers have gotten much better. we had them revised up last week. so, maybe people are starting to feel a little bit of improvement on the economy on the ground. > > thanks for that update. we'll check back in closer to the election. new car releases are speeding up, and it's causing a drop in used car prices. more new models are being traded in. car prices are down an average of 2.1% from last year. larger cars' and vans' prices have actually increased, while small and midsize cars have drop
about the election. it's telling us that romney may win and that's why the stock market's been selling off here for the last couple of days. so that's what you want? you want the market to sell off? maybe we have to unwind the leverage instead of this bubble---we are the most de-leveraged that we've been . we've been printing money like crazy. round number two---will the month of october end with tricks or treats for investors? boo---i think we're gonna have tricks. it's an election year. how can you not have tricks out on election year? the treats may come after the election or to the voters that are undecided, they're getting the treats. i think people are still somewhat spooked because we had such an extended run. we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the '87 crash. people are a little bit nervous even though a lot of the fundamentals are still solid and continue to get better. right now we've got gas prices 25 percent below the highs of this year. isn't that better? not according to president obama in the last debate. he was saying when i came into office the reason why gasoline pr
before the election, the candidates will be in wisconsin this week. today, republican mitt romney's campaign has an event in milwaukee. tomorrow, president obama will be in green bay. the volitility index, better known as the vix, may be signaling better days ahead. according to reports, a strategist at jpm morgan believes if the vix remains near current levels this week, it will mark a transition from crisis to normal time. his theory is if the vix stays around 16, the 52-week moving average will fall below the july 2011 level to its lowest point since february 2008. we asked a couple of options traders to weigh in, starting with scott bauer of trading advantage. "yes, i do believe that if we get through the crisis of these horrendous earnings we've been seeing over the past couple weeks and we stablize and stay in this range, i do think we will be back to what we call that normal trading range." "i think it's too early to tell right now from the vix if the environment out there is going to be more normalized for the next several months." dan deming of stutland equities also says
results. mitt romney has said he will not re- nominate bernanke if elected. the times says if bernanke does not accept a re-nomination, obama's top picks for the job are former treasury secretary lawrence summers and the fed's vice chairwoman, janet yellen. bernanke's term is up at the end of january 2014. the federal reserve delivers its decision on interest rates this afternoon. traders highly anticipate the fomc will leave rates at historic lows. however, there's always a possibility the statement from the fed could be a market mover. bill baruch of iitrader.com says if the fed talks about gdp as a measure of when or if to stimulate the economy, it could be a bullish sign for the market. "if you've been a bear because you think the gdp is going to be poor and the economy is poor and now if they use that as a target, then that means they are going to have ease for a longer period of time, because the gdp is poor. so now the reason you've been selling kind of gives you reason to start buying. and, that's why i'm looking to buy at these levels." the fed anouncement happens today at 2:1
. our traders unplugged debate the so-called romney rally and the obama bounce. from all of us at first business, thank you for watching and have a great thursday! >> we're live at san francisco where two men fired at a officer while he was driving. while they may not have known who they were dealing with. >>> giants fans get ready for game two of the world series. >>> the potential problem ahead for oakland today. as occupy protesters plan to reclaim their ground. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 news. >>> good morning everybody it's thursday october 25 i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. let's check in with steve paulson. is rain gone? >> it goes down in the books. we call it light rain. the radar doesn't pick up a lot on it. it's going to be cloudy today, just a little bit warmer and kind of muggy for some. >>> traffic is doing pretty well. they're picking up some road work in oakland near downtown. westbound 24 is pretty good. also this mortgage, we're look -- morning we're looking at interstate northbound as you drive
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